Summer Reading Club Performances

Summer Performance Schedule 2013

2013 Summer Performers

Aaron Wheeler
Get your toes tapping, hands clapping, and ears listening, as Aaron’s show explores rhythm through Body Percussion, Tap Dance, and even nursery rhymes.  Your everyday world will come alive with music and rhythm.

Alex Zerbe
Alex entertains families with a dynamic array of amazing stunts and physical comedy.  Families won’t want to miss seeing this gifted physical comedian and human cartoon.
In addition to his incredible juggling skills, he performs beat-boxing, music looping, silly dances and funny raps.

Bradley Clark
With Brad’s unique mix of storytelling and music using lots of activity, audience participation, volunteers, props, costumes and instruments you won’t want to miss this mix of stories and songs that will get you Diggin’ deep for some summer reading fun!

Jason Ropp
Shawnry Connery builds a time machine to travel back to see dinosaurs, but travels to the wrong times, accidentally taking other historical characters with him.
Will they find the dinosaurs? Can they get home? Join us at the Library to find out!

Richard Ritchey
Once again, the “The Reptile Man,” will amaze and awe audience members. Richard will share fascinating information about the many reptiles and amphibians that he brings to show,
including a king cobra, a rattlesnake, and a giant python!